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DKRZ Tech Talk: Compute time applications and the WLA

Sep 09, 2020

Dear users,

it is our great pleasure to announce next week’s Tech Talk. On Monday, Sept 14 at 15:15 Mathis Rosenhauer and Prof. Dr. Robert Sausen of DLR Oberpfaffenhofen will provide insights into the process of applying for compute time and the decision process in the WLA.

Climate scientists from German research institutions can apply for resources at DKRZ. The allocation process for resources starts every year in mid-September, i.e. now, with the opportunity for additional requests in mid-March. Navigating the online forms and writing a proposal can be a daunting task not just for junior scientists. At the same time more than 150 projects apply for resources each year which all need to be processed and reviewed by members of the scientific steering committee. Thus, well-written applications will help the scientists get the resources they need by allowing the reviewers to allocate the resources most appropriately.

DKRZ's Mathis Rosenhauer will show how to apply for resources for a new project and how to request resources after twelve months when you also have to submit a report on your project's progress. While we supply a template for the application document, there are often questions what should go into the proposal and how detailed it should be. These topics will be addressed by Prof. Dr. Robert Sausen of DLR Oberpfaffenhofen who currently chairs DKRZ's scientific steering committee.

Please find all details and a link to the registration at

Those who would like to revisit last week’s talk on Jupyterhub can find it at and the full DKRZ Jupyterhub documentation at

Further upcoming talks:

Further talks already scheduled are:

- Tue, Sept 29, 2020 15:15 Aaron Spring (MPI for Meteorology) will present the use of the python library intake for painlessly loading data from various sources on mistral. 

- Tue, Oct 13, 2020 15:15 Chistopher Kadow and Tobias Weigel will present the machine learning teams at DKRZ.

Future talks will be scheduled based on user requests and availability of speakers. You can find all information on past and upcoming talks at

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