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New Python modules on Mistral

Apr 22, 2020

Dear users,

For a better support with Python environments on Mistral, we came up with a new concept.

We will have a new Python about every half year, which is going to be called 'python3/YYYY.MM-compilerversion'. The first one is 'python3/2020.02-gcc-9.1.0'. The most recent module can also be accessed via the shortcut 'python3/unstable', which indicates that major updates might be necessary using this version. All current/old versions of Python modules will be untouched.

Our workflow is as follows:

  • Every six months we start a new module. Into this, we install all relevant packages from the previous module.
  • Into this module, and only into this, we install new packages upon users request for six months.
  • Afterwards the module is frozen and will no more be touched. It is going to be kept as long as technically feasible.

This approach has some side effects:

  • If you need a new Python package, you have to adapt to the current unstable module. This allows to keep the installed packages consistent and allows for a much faster installation of new packages.
  • Using the unstable module might (although improbably) break your workflow when new packages are installed into it.
  • For blueprints or for continuously running the same script for a long time, please use a distinct version (e.g. python3/2020.02-gcc-9.1.0) since this becomes stable, once it is frozen.

Best regards,

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