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Usage quota on Lustre /work file systems

May 28, 2018

Dear Users,

We are now approaching a state on our Lustre file systems where the total available space is allocated to projects, and we expect that each project needs to use its full allocation.

Because filling up the file system beyond 95% would degrade the performance of all user jobs and would ultimately lead to an unusable system, we have to take precautions to prevent projects from writing more data than their allocation would allow.

Unfortunately, there is no Lustre file system software available for our system, that is capable of directly enforcing quotas per project directory.

We will therefore implement the following policy.

Starting June 15th:

  • Once a project uses more than 95% of its allocated space, we will send daily e-mails to all project members.

Starting July 1st:

  • If the project continues to add data and reaches 100%, we will disable the project's account code so that jobs can not be submitted any longer to the slurm scheduler.
  • Once the project is back to 95% or less, we will enable the account during the next 24 h.

We take these measures to make sure that all of you can use the space allocated to your projects. At the same time this will prevent performance degradation due to almost entirely filled up file systems. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the file system quotas or any other topics.

Kind regards,

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