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ParaView Updates ...

Dec 06, 2017

Dear ParaView Users,

we have several announcements for ParaView. A new version 5.4.1 is available on Mistral and can be used in the regular way, either by loading the module, or by directly accessing it via the Menu->Graphics->ParaView5.4.1. Aside many improvements form ParaView/Kitware, the CDI ICON Reader got an overhaul. We now support Mollweide as projection and the reader allows to read and visualize extremely large data in parallel on several nodes. More information on how this works can be found here (1). One can also run ParaView in parallel on one single node with all 4 GPUs and several threads per GPU to achieve a better performance. Early next year the ICON plugin will be extended to read GRIB data as well.

Furthermore, DKRZ has teamed up with Kitware in the development of two new 2D visualization plugins for ParaView, which work with regular Cartesian grids, such as ECHAM, curvilinear data, such as MPI-OM, and of course with our beloved ICON data as well. One representation implements a bump shading, the other allows to extrude surfaces based on a scalar field. Both visualization modules are great for displaying multivariate data. First impressions are shown in (2), which shows bump mapping of temperature and horizontal velocity, and (3) which shows the horizontal velocity and via the extruded cells sea surface height.

ParaView 5.4.1 also comes with an improved version of OSPRay for creating high quality visualizations through raytracing (4), as well as another extension from NVidia: IndeX, which allows high quality and faster 3D volume rendering especially for unstructured grids such as ICON, an example for temperature can be seen in (5). More information and examples will soon be available on the DKRZ tutorial website (6).

Best Regards,


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