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Survey about research software in Germany, and the people involved in it

Oct 27, 2017

As a DKRZ user you know: Scientific Software has become vital to research. A growing number of people in academia combine expertise in Programming with an intricate understanding of research. In the UK, these so called "Research Software Engineers" are organized in the Research Software Engineer Association. The association campaigns for the recognition and adoption of the role of people developing scientific software within academia.
In Germany, a small initiative group is trying to create a similar association ( We prepare a survey to learn more about the situation of people who are coding scientific software. Since many DKRZ users are developing code,  I thought it would be a good idea to call your attention to the survey and asked the director of  DKRZ Thomas Ludwig to allow the distribution of the information via the mailing list, and he thankfully supports the initiative.

Do you develop research software, or are you involved in the scientific software creation process? This survey gives you the opportunity to make your point of view and experiences be heard, and thus be part of the development of this community.

The survey results will be published under a CC BY-NC license, and will be announced and evaluated via the de-RSE mailing list [] and the de-RSE blog []. Simultaneously, similar surveys are conducted in the UK, Canada, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands, the USA and South Africa. For reasons of comparability, this survey was closely coordinated with the others.

We are looking forward to your participation in the survey.

Bernadette Fritzsch (Usergroup)

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