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Reproducibility in Visualization

Talk given at DKRZ on 13.01.2016 by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Paul Rosenthal from the Visual Computing Laboratory, Fakultät für Informatik, Technische Universität Chemnitz


Reproducibility is the basis of all sciences. Without reproducibility, there is no advancement by building on previous knowledge and there can be no judgment of the reliability of current knowledge. As visualization has matured, procedures for verifying and evaluating techniques have been introduced also in this field. While many individuals are making their code and procedures available, there are no established guidelines for reproducibility in our community. However, introducing such practices would increase the acceptance of visualization methods in other communities, make contributions more well-grounded, and expedite future innovation by making comparisons and improvements easier.

In this talk, I will discuss this important role and the benefits of a strong culture of reproducibility. The explanations will be carried out with special focus on visualization. Still, they can be transferred to other disciplines in many aspects and stimulate the respective discussion there.


Slides: pdf

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