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Show or Hide answer How can I get information about my project's data in the tape archive?

A list of all files is located in  your project's home directory  /hpss/arch/<prj>. To get an overview of your project's quota and consumption of space  in HPSS tape archive  use our  DKRZ online services.

Show or Hide answer How can I use the HPSS tape archive without typing my password every time, e.g. in scripts or jobs?

Create a file called .netrc in your HOME directory, which has only read and write permissions for yourself:

mlogin100$ ls -la $HOME/.netrc
-rw------- ..... /home/dkrz/<uid>/.netrc
mlogin100$ cat $HOME/.netrc
machine login <uid> password <password>
machine  login <uid> password <password>

Be aware that special characters like "/ "or "," should be escaped with a backslash or quoted, e.g.

machine login u123456 password Null\,nix
machine login u123456 password "Null,nix"

In some configurations an adaption might be necessary. So, if this doesn't work for you,
please contact 

Show or Hide answer How can I use HPSS archive in scripts/jobs?

Assumed you've got a ~/.netrc file you can use pftp in scripts as follows:

export DATA_DIR=/hpss/arch/<prj>/<mydir>
export filename=test.txt
pftp <<ENDE
get $filename

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