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  • 2020-11-11T10:00:00+01:00
  • 2020-11-11T13:00:00+01:00
We 11. Nov.

Nov 11, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
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The user group committee represents the users of DKRZ

  • 2020-11-30T00:00:00+01:00
  • 2020-11-30T23:59:59+01:00
Mo 30. Nov.

Nov 30, 2020

The Scientific Steering Committe (WLA) is responsible for the BMBF contingent allocations of DKRZ's resources and advises the shareholders of DKRZ and the BMBF in conceptual issues concerning the DKRZ.

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