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WDC Cluster Earth System Research

Overview about the members of the WDC Cluster Earth System Research

The WDC cluster „Earth System Research“ was founded in 2004.



WDC-Climate - World Data Center for Climate (DKRZ, Hamburg)
Pangaea - World Data Center and Data Publisher for Earth & Enviromantal Science (AWI, MARUM, Bremen).
WDC-RSAT – World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere (DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen)

Characteristics of the WDC cluster

Longterm archiving facilities

  • Clear commission as data libraries
  • Data management infrastructure, expertise, and manpower
  • Longterm commitment and funding


Peer review for scientific data (Publication Agent)

  • Completeness of data set descriptions (metadata)
  • Validity of methods used
  • Data values (precision, sequence, and ranges)
  • Identifikation of independent data entities which are suitable for publication
  • Data publication based on citable data entities having persistent identifiers (DOI)


Userfriendly and reliable systems for data retrieval and distribution

  • General nonrestricted web-access
  • Offline products (e.g. data collections, DVD)


Fostering common standards and protocols

Clear commitment to the rules for good scientific practice and open access!