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Mistral, the High Performance Computing system for Earth system research (HLRE-3), is DKRZ's first petascale supercomputer. The HPC system has a peak performance of 3.14 PetaFLOPS and consists of approx. 3,300 compute nodes,  100,000 compute cores, 266 Terabytes of memory, and 54 Petabytes of disk. For access to Mistral you need to be a member in at least one active HLRE project, have a valid user account, and accept DKRZ's "Guidelines for the use of information-processing systems of the Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (DKRZ)".

Configuration :
System configuration overview

Login :
How to login to Mistral and personalize your environment.

File Systems :
Mistral users have access to different filesystems. Each filesystem has a special purpose and is configured to best suit this purpose.

Programming :
Compilers, Libraries, Runtime Environment and Tools

Running Jobs :
Batch job submission, parameter, & scheduler

Manuals :
Different manuals by Bull, Intel & Co are available

Software List :
A comprehensive listing of the application software versions installed on Mistral.