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Climate and Environmental Retrieval and Archive (CERA)

CERA is the DKRZ's long term archive system for data and metadata. It is based on a relational database management system. The first version CERA-1 was developed by DKRZ in 1995; CERA-2 was launched in 1997. Since then it is in use, with some enhancements and supplements.

CERA-2 comprises WDC-Climate and LTA-DOKU storage regions for data and metadata. Additional information can be integrated as, e.g., READMEs or pdf files.

Access to the CERA data base: data retrieval. To enter data, fist contact data[at]

Database Description :
Short description of CERA as a database based catalogue and archive for data and metadata.

Relational Data Model :
Information about the CERA-2 relational data model used in the database environment.

Metadata IO :
Tools for metadata creation and access: manual input via forms or input via xml files. Access via catalogue, xml APIs, or bibliometric files.