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Besides operating the high performance computers and storage systems, we offer many other services - including help in preparing and performing simulations.

DKRZ CMIP6 project activities Creation and running of the national CMIP6 Data pool and of an infrastructure for data quality assurence.

DKRZ CMIP6 project activities

HAPPI Half a degree Additional warming, Prognosis and Projected Impacts


Global High Resolution Modelling Preparing and running global atmosphere-only and coupled ocean-atmosphere weather and climate simulations at an unprecedented (kilometer-scale) resolution.

Global High Resolution Modelling

HD(CP)² Based on ICON, the project aims at regional atmospheric modeling at a cloud and convection resolving resolution. DKRZ works on the parallelization and optimization of the code, performs central simulations and offers postprocessing and visualization support for the very large data.