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Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observation Project

Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observation Project: overview of available data sets in the CERA Database.


CERA Gateway


M&D provide a special CEOP Gateway to the CERA database with about 5.63 TByte CEOP-related data.

Additional information

For a complete description of the CEOP-project, data-links and documents please consult the CEOP-homepage.

An overview of available data sets can be found at the offical CEOP data management page.

A documentation of model output is avaiblable from the CEOP Model Output Documentation page.


Here we start a new CEOP PHASE II page.

Available data sets in CERA

Data sets included into CERA (as of 11-AUG-2009)
CentreMOLTS dataGRID data
NCEP 01-DEC-2002 – 31-MAY-2005
CDAS : -
01-OCT-2002 – 31-JUL-2005(1)
CDAS: - 01-OCT-2002 – 31-DEC-2002
UKMO 01-OCT-2002 – 31-DEC-2004 01-OCT-2002 – 31-DEC-2004
NASA-GMAO 01-JUL-2001 - 31-OCT-2002 01-JUL-2001 - 30-SEP-2001
NASA-GLDAS 01-JUL-2001 - 31_DEC-2004 01-JUL-2001 - 31-DEC-2004
JMA 01-OCT-2002 - 30-DEC-2004 01-OCT-2002 - 30-DEC-2004
BMRC 01-OCT-2002 - 30-SEP-2003 01-OCT-2002 - 31-DEC-2004
ECMWF 01-DEC-2002 - 31-DEC-2004 01-JUL-2001 - 31-AUG-2009
NCMRWF - 01-OCT_2003 - 30-APR-2004
ECPC SFM : 01-JUL-2001 – 31-DEC-2004
RII : 01-JUL-2001 – 31-DEC-2004
SFM : 01-JUL-2001 – 31-DEC-2004
RII : 01-JUL-2001 – 31-DEC-2004
CPTEC/INPE 01-JUL-2001 - 31-DEC-2004 01-JUL-2001 – 31-DEC-2004
MSC 01-OCT-2002 - 31-DEC-2004 01-OCT-2002 - 31-DEC-2004
    (1)Analysis data are split up into time series for individual variables
and levels (up to DEC 2004)

You can check the changelog for recent updates.
You may also look at the (pdf) timeline presentation periods of the available data.

Structure of the model output

The structure of the model output can be found on the (pdf) CEOP Model Data Structure document.

For CEOP Phase II WDC-Climate proposes a more homogeneous (pdf) data structure for gridded data and MOLTS. The WMO-GRIB format is used for the gridded data. MOLTS can be stored in NetCDF-CF format as an example header of JMA data shows. Find a set of example NetCDF files (Also JMA) here: tar example. The tarball contains 4 NetCDF files for one day with the 12:00 file containing 72 forecast steps. The (pdf) Stationlist list of the station names with proposals for changes.


Data set description
Centrelocal documentsMOLTS-dataGRID-datacontactavailable programs
NCEP (txt) NCEP - MOLTS data description
(doc) NCEP - Code Table
gzipped binary grib Sid Katz (f90) read_molts_s.f90
(f90) read_molts_c.f90
UKMO (doc) UKMO - Description of data sets
(doc) UKMO - Code table
ascii grib Paul Earshaw  
NASA-GMAO   gzipped ascii grib    
ascii   Matthew Rodell  
JMA (xls) JMA - model vegetation information
(txt) JMA - Code Table
ascii grib Masayuki Hirai  
BMRC   netCDF   Lawrie Rikus  
ECMWF (pdf) ECMWF - Data set documentation
(txt) ECMWF - Parameter/Code table
  grib Pedro Viterbo  
NCMRWF (txt) NCMRWF - Code table        
ECPC   netCDF grib    
CPTEC/INPE   ascii grib    
CMC   ascii grib    

Additional information on CEOP-data stored in CERA

Get the CEOP CORE Code table as an (xls) Excel Table or as a (txt) tab-separated text.

You can also download the current Version of the (pdf) CEOP CORE code mapping.

A list of the used acronyms for MOLTS Data in NCEP, UKMO and ECMWF is available here.