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Present und past projects and cooperations

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Eudat :
Eudat project page

ECMWF Reanalysis Data

WDCC/DKRZ hosts the IPCC Data Distribution Centre (DDC) for climate model output. Entries for DDC services and statistics as well as AR4/AR5 contributions of MPI-M are provided.

Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observation Project

Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth-System-Modelling, EU FP7 Project

West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use

Bosch Project :
A network of cooperations between schools and scientific institutes. A local german project.

COPS Campaign :
COPS is the Intensive Observation Period of the Priority Program 1167 "Quantitative Precipitation Forecast" of the German Research Foundation (DFG)

OpenAIRE :
Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe

Millennium Experiments :
Fully coupled COSMOS-ASOB (ECHAM5/JSBACH-MPIOM/HAMOCC) MILLENNIUM long term simulations

Metafor :
Common Metadata for Climate Modelling Digital Repositories

The EUCLIPSE project was designed to improve the evaluation, understanding and description of the role of clouds in the Earth's climate with a focus on the cloud feedback in a warming climate.

MedCLIVAR aims to enable a multidisciplinary vision of the evolution of the Mediterranean climate through studies that integrate atmospheric, marine, and terrestrial climate components.

IMPLICC focused on the effectiveness, side effects, risks and economic implications of climate engineering through different solar radiation management techniques suggested to limit climate change.

Ice2sea :
Ice2sea focused on estimating the future contribution of continental ice to sea-level rise

Model and Data projects :
Important outdated projects the former Model and Data Group was involved in.