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How to use the LTA DOKU

A Step-by-step description of how to transfer project data into DKRZ's long term archive LTA DOKU.

Please follow the steps below if you want to place data into the long term archive (LTA) DOKU at DKRZ:

The DKRZ department 'Data management' will guide you through the complete process and will make recommendations for any upcoming questions during the archiving process.

LTA procedure for archiving data of DKRZ projects:

•    User creates the data sets and stores the data in the tape archive within /hpss/arch or /hpss/double or on the mistral file system.
•    Project's master user agrees to long term archiving of data (for a specified quota)

•   Create a list of files to be copied into our LTA. Files residing either in HPSS or mistral:/work are applicable.

A weekly updated file called  "_PROJECT.<prj>.file-list.GIGA"  containing a list of all files stored in your project  is located in directory  /hpss/arch/<prj>  resp.  /hpss/double/<prj>  and can be fetched from HPSS via  pftp.

•    User contacts DKRZ User Support to initiate the archiving process, providing the following data:
- name of the user
- project name and number
- e-mail address and phone number of institute
- e-mail address and phone number of project contact
- total disk space required
- a list of files (if already available)
- additional (useful) information

•    The DKRZ makes proposals for the best storage granularity of the data.
•    User creates the metadata by use of GUI with attached list of files
•    DKRZ Data Management (DM) checks metadata and file list
•    Data is moved into the Long Term Archive (LTA) where they reside for the LTA storing period
•    User checks data/metadata consistency and completeness
•    Metadata are finalized by DKRZ
•    User gets an information when LTA storage process is finished