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Data archival in LTA DOKU - a step by step guide

This workflow depicts an overview of the essential steps needed to be taken during the archival process in LTA DOKU. During the process, you will constantly be in touch with DKRZ's data management department (DM), which is why the first step to take is to contact DM with a concrete archival request (, see below).

0) Check permission to preserve data in LTA DOKU

  • the possibility for data preservation in LTA DOKU is usually part of any DKRZ project. Please check your project's quota on LTA DOKU on by logging in with your DKRZ username and password. 
  • You also need a CERA account. If you do not have one yet, apply for one here.

Schematic depiction of the LTA DOKU data archival workflow. Color coding depicts roles of the researcher (blue) and DKRZ (black). Orange depicts the end result of the archiving procedure in LTA DOKU.

1) Preparation

  • structure and document the data so as to ensure reusability even in years' time
  • contact DKRZ data management (DM, ) with a request to preserve data in LTA DOKU including a short statement describing the intention of your request. This serves to document the procedure and ensure an overall smooth archiving process.

2) Submission of metadata and the data itself

  • fill in the metadata in the MetaXA GUI in which there exists a dedicated LTA DOKU section which requires only a core set of metadata. This may require you to create a "Person" entry for yourself (if your name does not appear in the "Responsible Person" dropdown menu). Please also be mindful in selecting the appropriate data license.
  • copy the data into the DKRZ tape archive at /HPSS/arch (if not already there)
  • supply DM with the location of the data to be archived in LTA DOKU. The exact location is contained in the nightly updated file "_PROJECT.${project}.file-list.GIGA". DM needs just the lines of that file indicating the location of your data.

3) Archival

  • DKRZ ingests the data and metadata into LTA DOKU

4) Availability in CERA

  • once archived, the data are assigned a URL which ensures resolved access to the dataset for the time period of preservation (10 years for LTA DOKU)
  • the data are findable and accessible via the main CERA search portal