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Archiving project data in LTA DOKU: The ideal and simple solution to preserve your research data and meet the requirements of good scientific practice.

Simple to use

Having climate and atmospheric research data archived for reference purposes using DKRZ's LTA DOKU service is easy and involves minimal data preparation efforts from your - the scientist - side. LTA DOKU offers data preservation for a period of 10 years for data of DKRZ projects, no additional information on data interpretation is required and the data also do not undergo technical quality checks by DKRZ Datamangement (DM) as is done for data archived in LTA WDCC. Thus, the supplied data are preserved “as is”. 

Certified and renowned technical and organisational standards

Data preserved in LTA DOKU are stored on a dedicated section of DKRZ’s High Performance Storage System (HPSS) and thereby benefit from the high technical and organisational standards also employed for the WDS-certified LTA WDCC archive.

Meets requirements of good scientific practice

The focus of LTA DOKU is on data reuse from data providers or the fulfilment of publication or project requirements. For example, data preservation in LTA DOKU may be suited to fulfil data access requirements of scientific publishers, who are more and more requesting uncomplicated, persistent and trustworthy access to data underlying scientific publications. See for example the publication data policies of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) (Link) or Copernicus Publications (publisher of European Geophysical Union (EGU) open access journals, Link). Further, research funding bodies usually ask for data management plans containing concrete specifications for the preservation of project data; e.g. the data guidelines for DFG or European Commission Horizon 2020 projects. Preservation of project data in LTA DOKU serves to excellently fulfil such requirements.

Reliable findability and accessibility of preserved datasets

A core set of metadata supplied by data depositors characterises and identifies the data and makes it findable and accessible in the DKRZ-LTA. Datasets archived in LTA DOKU are assigned a URL and DKRZ ensures resolvability and reliable retrievability of the data over the preservation period. 

The data archived in LTA DOKU are also accessible from the DKRZ's HPC system directly using pftp.

Assignment of DataCite DOIs is not available for data preserved in LTA DOKU.

Interested? Please find a step by step guide to data archival in LTA DOKU here.