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How to use LTA WDCC

Step-by-step description of the transfer of project data into DKRZ's long term archive LTA WDCC.

Please follow the steps below if you want to place data into the long term archive (LTA) WDCC at DKRZ:

The DKRZ department 'Data management' will guide you through the complete process and will make recommendations for any upcoming questions (e.g. archiving format etc.) during the archiving process.

1) Preparation

These are the preconditions to start the data publication at LTA WDCC:

  • Make sure you have the authorization to publish the data you would like to archive in LTA WDCC.

  - name of the user
  - project name and number if available
  - institute data (name, address, mail, phone)
  - project contact (name, address, mail, phone)
  - requested total size
  - additional project information
  - requested DOI

Steps performed for preparation and submission of data and metadata are described in more detail in the CERA Data Submission Preparation Guide.

Steps preparation v3

  • Structure the material
  • Prepare files
  • Prepare metadata and documentation
  • Prepare task list: files to be copied into our LTA. For DKRZ User: files residing either in HPSS or mistral:/work are applicable.

Check if your submission fits the terms and conditions written down in the depositor agreement.

2) Submission

3) Review

  • DKRZ Data Management (DM) checks data format, metadata and file task list

4) Publication

  • Data and metadata are moved into the Long Term Archive (LTA) where they reside for the LTA storing period
  • If DOIs are requested the DKRZ department ‘Data management’ will guide you through the process.
  • Metadata are finalized by DKRZ
  • You will receive a notification once your data has been copied into the LTA and the metadata has been published within CERA. After the data has been archived it is not allowed to change the data objects and its structure. Changes of metadata are still possible.
  • Metadata will be publically available on the internet.
  • Data access conditions and special owner conditions see terms of use.

You will find more detailed information in these related documents:
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