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Step by Step Guide

This workflow depicts an overview of the essential steps needed to be taken during the archival process in LTA WDCC. During the process, you will constantly be in touch with DKRZ's data management department (DM), which is why the first step to take is to contact DM with a concrete archival request (, see below).

0) Data screening and documentation, initial contact to DKRZ

  • your data designated for preservation in LTA WDCC should be free of errors, follow clear naming conventions and be documented such that efficient data reuse is facilitated. Further information can be found in the Submission Preparation Guideline document.
  • contact DKRZ Datamanagement (DM, ) stating your request for data preservation in LTA WDCC including a short statement describing the data, your contact and project details, the approximate size of the data to be preserved and whether you wish to have a DataCite DOI assigned to the data or not
  • consult and ensure that you will comply with the LTA depositor agreement 

1) Submission agreement (SA)

Schematic depiction of the LTA WDCC data archival workflow. Color coding depicts roles of the researcher (blue) and DKRZ (black). Orange depicts end results of the archiving procedure in LTA WDCC.

  • each dataset to be preserved in LTA WDCC is different, which makes detailing the structure of the dataset for preservation as well as the submission process itself and dataset publication a necessary step; the same holds for the metadata allowing a detailed description of the dataset. 
  • the submission agreement (SA) is established in close cooperation with and following recommendations of DM and serves the purpose of a "contract" 
  • the SA is formulated in accordance with DKRZ's storage policy and details the responsibilities (ownership, licence, authorship) of the (meta)data.
  • the data and metadata structure and formats laid out in the SA will then comply with the data- and metadata models required for data preservation in LTA WDCC 

2) Data preparation

3) Submission of metadata and data

  • the metadata submission requirements are documented in DKRZ's metadata submission guide
  • if not otherwise agreed upon in the SA, you fill in the metadata in the MetaXA GUI. This requires a CERA account - create one here if not existent yet. You might also have to create a "Person" entry for yourself (if your name does not appear in the "Responsible Person" dropdown menu). Please also be mindful in selecting the appropriate data license.
  • for the data submission, please provide DKRZ DM with instructions on how to obtain the data. Data does not have to reside on DKRZ machines prior to archival - it is also possible to upload data using the DKRZ cloud service or to provide DKRZ DM with download instructions to fetch the data

 4) Data and metadata review

  • DKRZ DM reviews the supplied data for technical compliance 
  • data is checked for compliance with established standards, e.g. CF convention, and the SA
  • metadata is checked for completeness, clarity and compliance with the SA
  • if necessary, DKRZ DM contacts you with requests for amendments to the data and/or metadata

5) Data and metadata ingestion into LTA WDCC

  • data and metadata are ingested into the LTA WDCC archiving system CERA
  • metadata are finalised by DKRZ DM-staff in cooperation with you

6) Archival of data completed

  • notification will be sent out once the data has been copied into LTA-WDCC and the metadata has been published within CERA. Data objects and structure must not be changed from this point onwards. Changes to metadata are still possible.
  • the dataset is assigned a persistent link for which DKRZ ensures resolvability for the preservation period

7) DOI-assignment procedure

  • if the assignment of DataCite DOI's was agreed upon in the SA, DKRZ DM will coordinate the process
  • data undergo additional quality checks prior to assignment of a DataCite DOI. DM may thus request amendments to the dataset and/or the metadata
  • see DKRZ's data publication pages for more information

8) DataCite DOI

  • as the final step in the LTA WDCC archiving process, the DataCite DOI is assigned to the dataset.

9) Cross-referenced dataset

  • enrichment of metadata through cross-reference to a corresponding data journal publication, e.g. in ESSD or Scientific Data
  • tracking of the archived dataset's impact through listing of data citations