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Concept of WDCC's Data Publication Process

WDCC's concept of Data Publication with DOI assignment according to DataCite regulations.



Using the Data of the World Data Center Climate (WDCC) enables scientists comfortably to discover, find and access scientific data via a web-based platform. WDCC's Data Publication Service extends these services by the following benefits

  • ensuring a high data quality and long-term usability for an interdisciplinary user community
  • ensuring a permanent and persistent access of data and metadata via the persistent identifier (DOI)
  • enabling easy and clear formal data citations for use in scientific publications and scientists' lists of publications in order to give credit to the data creators

WDCC provides the Data Publication Service for large federated projects like CORDEX and for the IPCC-DDC since AR5. The data publication process is adapted to integrate project requirements.


Data citation example:

Denhard, Michael (2009): dphase_mpeps: MicroPEPS LAF‐Ensemble run by DWD for the MAP D‐PHASE project. World Data Center for Climate. doi:10.1594/WDCC/dphase_mpeps.

WDCC's DataCite DOIs appear in the DataCite catalog and in catalogs harvesting DataCite metadata.

The DOI resolves to a landing page hosted by WDCC, which summarizes basic data-related information and functions as an entry point for data access and detailed information on the data.

A complete list of data published by WDCC is accessible at:


Publication Process at WDCC

WDCC publishes its data at DataCite, an international consortium for the publication of scientific data, which is a member of the IDF (International DOI Foundation). The DataCite member German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) is WDCC's national contract partner for DOI data registrations. DOI registered data is integrated in the international Handle system with the official DOI resolver at The DataCite data publication process was developed on the base of the national German STD-DOI data publication regulation.

As the published data entity should be suitable for citing in scientific literature using its assigned DataCite DOI. WDCC generally publishes data collections of a scientific experiment (including multiple individual datasets).


Published Data by WDCC as publication agency are granted:

- long term availability of primary data in our online repository (
- long term availability of metadata in our online repository (
- open access to primary data and metadata (authentication for data access required)
- published data entities are fixed and remain unchanged
- DataCite DOI metadata (doi:10.5438/0009) are fixed, i.e. data identifiers, parts for formal data citations, data formats and data sizes

For more information on quality assurance see: