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Collect Performance Data

ARM MAP (successor of Allinea MAP)

ARM Forge is a complete toolsuite for software development (debug, profile and optimize) of C, C++ and FORTRAN applications on Linux high performance clusters.


Score-P, Vampir and Extrae

Score-P (Scalable Performance Measurement Infrastructure for Parallel Codes) is a software system that provides a measurement infrastructure for profiling, event trace recording, and online analysis of High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. Vampir focuses on the graphical presentation of performance data and adds support for the collaborative Score-P performance monitor. Compatibility with earlier OTF and VampirTrace releases is also maintained. Extrae is a dynamic instrumentation package to trace programs compiled and run with the shared memory models, the message passing (MPI) programming model or both programming models. Extrae generates trace files that can be latter visualized with Paraver.


Intel Tools

Intel toolchain comprises VTune Amplifier, Advisor and Inspector.



Getrusage is a tool developed at DKRZ for printing of detailed resource usage statistics available via getrusage(2).


Lightweight MPI analysis

MPI implementations usually provide a feature to analyse the MPI usage at runtime without any modification to the src code.