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Postprocessing and 2D visualizations can be done on a partition of Mistral reserved for data processing and analysis. Additionally to that, mistral also comprises a visualization partition equipped with powerful GPUs. The GPU nodes here are especially designed for interactive 3D visualization and analysis of large model data.

In the following, you find information about:

  • Software available on Mistral for 2D and 3D visualization and data analysis
  • The visualization partition of the supercomputer Mistral
  • The remote 3D rendering system
  • The filesystems available on mistral
  • How to reserve a  Mistral GPU node and to get started with it

Visualization on Mistral :
How to reserve a GPU node, start a remote 3D session and start a 3D visualization application on Mistral.

Visualization Software :
The software available for pre- and post processing, for 2D and 3D visualization and related tools

Visualization Server :
Technical description of Mistrals' visualization partition.

Remote 3D Rendering :
About the TurboVNC/VirtualGL based remote rendering technique, which enables using Mistral's GPU nodes from virtually anywhere.