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DKRZ closely collaborates with its users on all aspects of their model development and data production workflows, offering technical advice and many other services.

User support :
Our first level support should be your first contact for all of our services. Furthermore we offer training courses and other resources. Detailed documentation of our services can be found in the following categories.

Tuning the models and experiments :
We help with the optimization of model codes, planning of the workflows and data management, as well as data search and access.

Analysis and interpretation of the data :
We provide software, hardware and support for interactive and batch data processing, data analysis and visualization.

Preparing and performing experiments :
Besides operating the computers and storage systems, we offer help in running simulations and in performance monitoring of codes.

Data management :
Our support covers the standardization, documentation, quality control and finally the archiving of simulation data.

Distribution of the data :
We help distributing the data through the WDCC/CERA and ESGF. DOI assignment finally makes the data citable.

Virtual work environments :
By offering project and code management systems, project specific VMs and other virtualization services, we help setting up project specific work environments.