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HLRE-3 "Mistral"

The first phase of Mistral, the high performance computing system for Earth system research (HLRE-3), consists of computer components by Atos/Bull, a disk storage system by Xyratex/Seagate and high performance network switches by Mellanox. These components are distributed over 79 racks weighing up to or even more than a ton, which are connected by bundles of fiber fabric.

HLRE-3 Mistral Panorama

You will find additional photos of the HLRE-3 "Mistral" in a little photo collection in our media center.

Facts about Mistral

  • Installation in Spring 2015
  • Vendor: Bull / Atos Group
  • approx.. 3.300 compute nodes bullx DLC 720 with a total of more than 100.000 cores
    • 1550 nodes with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2680v3 12C 2.5GHz ("Haswell") each
    • 1750 nodes with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2695V4 18C 2.1Ghz ("Broadwell") each
  • Peak performance: 3.6 PetaFLOPS
  • Main memory: approx. 266 Terabyte
  • Infiniband FDR interconnect
  • Disk storage: 54 Petabyte parallel file system (Lustre)
    • Transfer rate > 450 GByte/s (peak)
  • dedicated nodes for interactive use and post processing
  • 21 visualization nodes with 2 NVidia GPUs (Kepler or Maxwell) each
  • warm water-cooled CPUs and memory
  • Energy consumption less than that of HLRE-II, but 20-fold performance

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