From 08/01/2014 to 08/30/2014


01:41 pm YAXT Version 0.3.0 released
This release significantly enhances the library:
* Fortran support is finalized, all public functions from the C A...
Thomas Jahns


04:30 pm Task #332 (Closed): allow empty messages in exchange routines
Instead of allowing empty message I introduced a new datatype: xt_exchange. It stores the information required to do ... Moritz Hanke


06:29 pm Feature #333 (Resolved): Caching of communicators
YAXT currently creates communicators internally to provide isolation from other parts of the system. This can be pote... Thomas Jahns


11:37 am Feature #305: fundamental vector type
commit:0fb2c5e38479301988ee48d80e7ef04473cb5f60 add this for position extents (struct Xt_pos_ext -> struct Xt_pos_ext... Thomas Jahns
11:31 am Bug #331: Make xt_xmap_distdir work when less data than expected gets packed
It has turned out that consolidating the get_pack_size/pack/unpack methods test in one place (commit:414899864f) and ... Thomas Jahns
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