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The most common installation procedure on Unix-like systems looks as follows.

Unpack the tar archive and change into the unpacked directory.

  make check install

Intel compiler settings

The Intel compiler can improve performance by vectorizing certain parts of the code on x86 architectures. Assuming your CPU supports AVX2, the following options will increase encoding speed.

  ./configure CC=icc
  make CFLAGS="-O3 -xCORE-AVX2" bench

On a 3.4 GHz E3-1240 v3 we see more than 400 MiB/s for encoding typical data.

Using other SIMD instruction sets on older CPUs may also help.


As an alternative way to build libaec you can use CMake. CMake can also generate project files for Microsoft Visual Studio. This allows you to build AEC.DLL and SZIP.DLL which can be used with the Windows version of HDF5.