Feature #309

Updated by Joerg Behrens over 8 years ago

Idea: We want to efficiently estimate the overlap between compact index sets. Currently this requires sets even if the participating objects to belong to the same compact idxlist class. In other cases objects formal descriptions are used internally in idxvec form which is the least efficient way to work with compact index sets. not and supporting this initially. 
 For these cases this we want to construct bounding boxes which describe give simple compact supersets of simple overlap-friendly geometry. These bounding boxes should be defined as Xt_bounds, a new primitive yaxt datatype completely visibility for all classes. 


 //basic type to express narrowness via bounds in one dimension: 
 typedef struct {int lb; int ub} Xt_bounds; 

 //idxlist method to get the bounding box: 
 void xt_idxlist_get_bounding_box(Xt_idxlist idxlist, int ndim, 
                                  Xt_int global_size[ndim], 
                                  Xt_idx global_start_index, 
                                  Xt_bounds bounds[ndim]);