Bug #331

Make xt_xmap_distdir work when less data than expected gets packed

Added by Thomas Jahns over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:New Start date:07/31/2014
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commit:daacfe17cb9124f4f0f3763858cc94ff666efb4a fixes a problem in xmap_all2all that is also present in the distributed directory variant: if the get_pack_size method of an index list returns a value that is larger than the actual advance of position that happens due to the pack method, distdir fails.

Steps to reproduce: simply add one to the MPI_Packsize count argument of e.g. source:src/xt_idxvec.c#L369


#1 Updated by Thomas Jahns over 5 years ago

As a corollary it would be nice to extend the individual index list class tests to check that get_pack_size and the position advancement that results from pack are identical.

#2 Updated by Thomas Jahns over 5 years ago

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It has turned out that consolidating the get_pack_size/pack/unpack methods test in one place (commit:414899864f) and adding tests for the sizes (commit:42fe96747a) is sufficient to get the minor part of this issue done.

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