Das Deutsche Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (DKRZ) ist die zentrale DV-Einrichtung für die deutsche Klima- und Erdsystemmodellierung und ist eine der international führenden Einrichtungen auf diesem Gebiet. Das DKRZ betreibt Supercomputer der höchsten Leistungsklasse, moderne Hochleistungs-Cluster und -Grafiksysteme sowie eines der größten Daten- und Archivsysteme weltweit.

For CLINT we are hiring a

Computational Research Scientist (all genders)

On the exciting fast evolving interface of climate research and artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML), we are seeking a Computational Research Scientist with a passion for working at the cutting edge of AI/ML, to bring new capabilities to climate science. You will join a high impact team of scientists in the Climate Informatics and Technology group at DKRZ, working on deeply technical problems in direct collaboration with leading academics from various partners across Europe. The German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ) in Hamburg Germany is the central data processing facility for the German climate and Earth system modeling community and is one of the leading facilities in this area. DKRZ operates supercomputers of the highest performance class, modern high performance clusters and graphics systems as well as one of the largest data and archive systems worldwide.

 The position (100% - 3 years) is funded through the EU Horizon 2020 project “CLImate INTelligence: Extreme events detection, attribution and adaptation design using machine learning” (CLINT). https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101003876


One major challenge in the analysis of extreme events (EE) is the limited climate information about past EE due to missing values in existing observational records. This position aims at enhancing traditional extreme indices datasets to clear the view on past, present, and future EE by developing novel ML algorithms for spatial modeling, prediction or reconstruction of missing values based on image inpainting using deep convolutional neural networks. Full stack development in Machine Learning as a Service (MLasS) for climate applications.

 Job description
  •  Machine Learning: installation on HPC infrastructure, advance established technology regarding workflow, I/O, training and validation of the neural networks, optimized network set up incl. convolution of grids and its flexibility
  •  Climate Science: advance established technology (Kadow et al. 2020 - https://rdcu.be/b4ysS) for extremes regarding timescales and variables, analysis of climate trends, scientifically valid input and output files, preparation of data sets for partners
  • Software Development: Provision of the technology as MLasS via Web Processing Service (WPS) - to be Copernicus Climate Service ready.
  • Support impact modellers (e.g. hydrological/flood models) on DKRZ HPC infrastructure to improve AI/ML applicability and scientific results.
  • Project related communication, cooperation and scientific interaction with CLINT and related partners for overall strategies. 
  •  University degree (MSc) in Computer Sciences and/or Natural Sciences, or similar fields. A PhD in these fields is a plus. 
  •  Knowledge and experience in the field of machine learning and software development
    • Python3 and PyTorch, neural network improvement, GitHub/GitLab
  •  Experience in the field of climate model data
    • data standards, evaluation of climate models, statistics, scientific programming
  • Knowledge in web technologies, content management systems,
    • High Performance Computers (Unix/Linux), Bash, WPS

This is an exciting opportunity in a flexible academic environment where you have the chance to develop initiative and shape services of the next generation in an area of high social relevance. We expect capacity for teamwork in an interdisciplinary environment, the willingness to travel nationally and internationally, and fluent English language skills. German is a plus. At DKRZ, we recognize that training is vital for developing staff so you will have access to courses to increase the depth and breadth of skills you have. 

 Payment will be in accordance with the German public service positions up to TVöD/Bund E13 according to the applicants’ qualifications, including extensive social security plans. The conditions of employment follow those of the German civil service.

  •  https://oeffentlicher-dienst.info/tvoed/bund
How to submit your application

Please submit a letter of interest and detailed curriculum vitae in a single pdf file. Please send your application by email with the reference DKRZ54 in the subject to YmV3ZXJidW5nZW5AZGtyei5kZS4=

Deadline for applications

This vacancy has been opened September 1, 2021. Review of applications will commence after September 30, 2021. For further information, please contact Christopher Kadow (a2Fkb3dAZGtyei5kZQ==).

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