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Data Life-Cycle Management at DKRZ

Data Life Cycle

With its developments, cooperations and services, DKRZ supports the whole data life cycle of climate (model) data. Starting with the creation of data, the support also includes diagnostics and visualization, archiving and the dissemination of the data to scientists all over the world, thus starting the next data life-cycle iteration. The guiding vision is the support of a virtual research environment for the day-to-day work of earth system scientists and the long term archiving of scientific results.

Data Access :
Access to frequently used data repositories such as Cera/WDCC User Portal, ESGF, IPCC-DDC, EUDAT, IS-ENES, C3-Grid

IPCC Data Distribution Centre (DDC): WDCC/DKRZ hosts the IPCC Data Distribution Centre (DDC) for climate model output.

Information about the World Data Center for Climate at DKRZ

Description of the CERA Data Model and Access to the CERA Data Base

Data Services :
By its long term archiving and publication services (including quality control and DOI assignment), DKRZ enables the sustainable use and re-use of research data.

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