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Climate Globe exhibit and "meermenschen" at Planetarium Hamburg

In the upcoming weeks, DKRZ’s Climate Globe will be on display in the foyer of the Planetarium Hamburg. The globe will be accessible to the public, allowing planetarium visitors to choose from and have a look at a diverse range of climate visualizations. At the same time, the planetarium shows the photo exhibition "meermenschen".

Beginning with a special event at the Planetarium Hamburg on 1.6.2018, at which Prof. Mojib Latif of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research will speak about “Climate Change and the role of the oceans”, planetarium visitors will have the chance to interactively inform themselves about the climate system and possible climate change on the Climate Globe. The available visualizations are mostly based on model simulations carried out by scientists of the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology, the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht and the University of Hamburg using DKRZ’s supercomputer.

From 1 to 30 June,the Planetarium shows the exhibition "meermenschen" by the Hamburg photographer Wolfgang Köhler. Twelve large-format portraits show people whose homeland or professional environment is the sea – among them the climate researcher Mojib Latif and the DKRZ visualizer Michael Böttinger. In his photo staging for the protection of the oceans, Köhler uses the photos and narratives of those portrayed or explanations of scientific correlations to show how the sea ecosystem is increasingly threatened.

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Exhibition catalog for download

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