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The primary target of HD(CP)2 (High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for Climate Prediction) project is to integrate cloud building and precipitation processes into atmospheric simulations to better understand and research clouds and cloud related processes. Visualized is wind velocity and liquid cloud water from an ultra-scale resolution with approx. 3.5 billion cells.

Clouds and precipitation strongly influence atmospheric radiation and are therefore critical for life on earth. Because the scale of clouds spans from micrometer - which is the size of a single cloud particle - to hundreds of kilometers, which is the dimension of a frontal  system – we have to resolve all ranges, which makes exact modeling of clouds and precipitation physical difficult and extremely resource consuming (computer time and storage space).

ICON HDCP2 Wind Visualization

Figure1: Visualization of surface wind magnitude using streamlines and a semi-transparent texture.

This data shown is from our HDCP2 (High Definition Clouds and Precipitation to advance Climate Prediction) project, which aims at a cloud resolving modeling for central Europe. Shown is the variable cloud water content and  displayed is water in kg/kg. Only one time step of our high resolution data is shown, with about 3.5 billion cells per time step, that is 22.5 million cells per slice on 150 levels. The data is on-the-fly resampled from an unstructured ICON grid onto a regular  Cartesian grid with a down sampling of 1/10.
The computation was performed using over 400 nodes of Mistral, while the  visualization was done using Vapor on one single GPU node, thereby consuming over 200 GB of main memory.

HDCP2 Liquid Water Content

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