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Services around Climate Research






For German climate research, the domain-specific high performance computing center DKRZ is an indispensable service provider. In addition to the operation of the supercomputer and storage systems, DKRZ offers many services specifically relating to climate modeling, covering all aspects of the scientific workflows in developing models and producing data.

Provision of Computing Power :
DKRZ provides German climate research with high performance computing and data services.

Data Management :
Annually, more than 10 PB of resultant data from climate models are archived at DKRZ. Advanced data management facilitates the storage and retrieval of data.

Consultancy :
The scientists receive sound advice on the efficient utilization of our high performance systems.

Visualization :
A visualization server and expert advice assist in the visual analysis and communication of model results.

Consortia Simulations :
At DKRZ, complex simulations in the context of national or international joint research projects are performed.

Guided Tours :
Visitor groups can be introduced to high performance computing in climate research and may take a guided tour of our systems.

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