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High Performance Computer as a Research Platform for Climate Research

DKRZ offers its users a comprehensive hard- and software infrastructure, specifically customized for complex experiments with numerical models of the climate system. Earth system research requires a well-balanced system, consisting of specialized powerful components for computation, storage as well as analysis and visualization of the resulting data.

Supercomputer :
A total of more 100,000 cores in the service of climate sciences with a peak peformance of 3.5 PetaFLOPS.

Data Archive :
Storage capacity for 77,000 magnetic tapes in automated silos for magnetic tapes.

Visualization Server :
A special partition of the supercomputer Mistral - on duty for visualization and data analysis.

Data Management :
Some Mistral nodes and a specialized data management server for data processing and data dissemination

Network :
Powerful network connections.

System Overview :
An overview of DKRZ systems can be found in our user portal

Computer History :
During the more than 25 years of its history DKRZ has installed, operated and replaced several generations of supercomputers.

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