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Consortia Simulations

In the context of national or international joint research projects, and, in accordance with the Scientific Advisory Board (WLA)and the scientific community, extraordinary extensive earth system model simulations are carried out on DKRZ's supercomputers. These consortia simulations receive substantial support from DKRZ as well as a substantial share of the computing and archive capacity.  The results of these simulations are made freely available to the whole community.


CMIP5 / IPCC AR5 Simulations with the Earth system model MPI-ESM within the frame of the international climate model comparison project CMIP5 and for the 5th climate assessment report of the United Nations (IPCC AR5)

More on the CMIP5 simulations carried out in Hamburg ...

Contribution to the CMIP3 / IPCC AR4 database (2007) Climate scenario simulations for IPCC AR4 (Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

More on the IPCC AR4 simulations carried out in Hamburg ...

Regionalization of CMIP3/AR4 simulations for Europe Forced with global CMIP3/IPCC AR4 simulation data, the regional climate model CLM was used for ensemble simulations of regional climate changes in Europe.

Regional climate simulations for Europe ...

STORM Within the joint reserach project STORM, a coupled climate model with very high spatial resolution is developed in order to conduct research into the effects of small scale phenomena on climate simulations.

High resolution climate model STORM ...

Millenium Experiments Fully coupled COSMOS-ASOB (ECHAM5/JSBACH-MPIOM/HAMOCC) MILLENNIUM long term simulations

Millenium Experiments

ESCiMo The consortial project ESCiMo targets on coupled chemistry-climate-simulations using the ECHAM/MESSy Atmospheric Chemistry (EMAC) model


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