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DKRZ and Climate Research

Climate research is, in the first place, basic research. A primary target is the understanding of the physical and statistical properties of the weather, and ultimately, the ability to realistically simulate the climate for long periods.  In contrast to weather forecasting, where comprehensive observation data is needed for the atmosphere and the ocean's surface as initial conditions for the simulations, long term simulations of the climate system require a proper computation of the three dimensional circulation of the atmosphere and ocean as well as a proper handling of the various interactions between atmosphere, ocean, ice and the land's surface.

More about climate modelling ...

The DKRZ acts as a laboratory for all German climate researchers working with climate models. Accordingly, DKRZ's hardware and services are specifically tailored to complex simulations with numerical models of the climate system. The experiments can be effectively computed, and the extensive results can also be analyzed and visualized within DKRZ's high performance computing environment. 

What kinds of research projects are enabled by DKRZ?

Consortia Simulations :
... are extensive simulations carried out in the context of large joint research projects.

Research Projects of DKRZ's users :
On DKRZ's systems, various research projects are carried out by national and international research groups.

Infrastructure Projects :
Projects aiming at improving the software-infrastructure for climate researchers

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