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DKRZ - Laboratory for Climate Researchers

Simulated temperature change within the next 100 years

The most prominent application of climate models are global change simulations:
How could climate change as a response to distinct changes in the environmental conditions?

Climate Research - DKRZ's role :
DKRZ enables complex simulations with numerical climate models.

Consortia Simulations :
Extensive climate simulations are carried out on DKRZ's supercomputers for national or international joint research projects.

Research Projects of DKRZ's users :
DKRZ's ressources and services are used by hundreds of climate scientists for various research projects. Here an overview:

Partners and more :
Here you will find links to partner institutes and other sources of climate knowledge.

Visualizations :
Images and animations illustrate the research carried out with DKRZ's help.

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